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Dewar flask special vaporizer liquid oxygen tank air temperature vaporizer natural gas 50L100L249L300L vaporizer

--The factory's production is suitable for pipe network gas supply and pressure test system. 

Its working purpose is to gasify the low-temperature liquid in the storage tank through the low-temperature liquid pump and vaporization and boosting for system use. 

The equipment has the advantages of stable performance, compact structure, easy equipment movement, operation and maintenance.


■Advanced large diameter "star" finned tube "bridge" side connection, stable structure

■No energy consumption, environmental protection

■Made of special rust-proof aluminum material, good heat exchange effect, service life of more than 20 years

■Sufficient design margin

■Low pressure drop, no bias flow, flow rate control within the safe range

■Cleaning and manufacturing according to oxygen standards

■Outlet temperature is lower than the ambient temperature within 10℃ (continuous use for 8 hours)

Technical Parameter

Technical parameters:

Working medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2, LNG

Outlet pressure: 0-40MPa

Single gasification volume: 0-6000Nm3/h

Air temperature type high, medium and low pressure vaporizer, also known as vaporizer, vaporization device, the main technical parameters are as follows:

■Working pressure: 0.8-35 Mpa

■Single flow: 50-6000 NM3/HPerformance characteristics

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Gas tank

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