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Autofocusing Laser Heads

Supporting electric auto-focus adjustment, is designed for medium/high power of laser cutting. With sensor unit, controlling unit and driving unit integrated inside, it is a wonderful solution for achieving complete automatic cutting.


Automatic centering

The chuck can automatically center when holding the work piece, pneumatic clamp, large and stable clamp strength, ensure cutting accuracy; special support pallet, avoid sagging deformation, improving cutting accuracy and extend the chuck life.


Wide range of chuck clamping

Wide range of pipe clamping, the maximum clamping diameter is 350mm, round pipe Ø20-220mm, square pipe Ø 20-150mm, can cut various shapes such as I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, oval pipe, waist-shaped pipe, polygonal pipe, etc.


The third-generation CW fiber laser source

Adopt water cooling and modular design, highly-integrated system, free of maintenance, high reliability, high energy density, high beam quality and longer service life, maintenance-free operation for laser cutting.


Technical Parameter

M SeriesRT6012MRT6016MRT6020M
Rotate Shaft Speed2G
Linear axis speed80m/min
Laser SourceIPG/Raycus/MAX

Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine Video

Cutting Samples

Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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