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Autofocusing Laser Heads

Supporting electric auto-focus adjustment, is designed for medium/high power of laser cutting. With sensor unit, controlling unit and driving unit integrated inside, it is a wonderful solution for achieving complete automatic cutting.


High rigidity Machine bed

Made with aerospace aluminum, extruded by 4300 ton extrusion press, reaching T6 hardness after aging treatment. High stability, light weight, corrosion resistance, moving speed up to170m/min, acceleration speed up to 1.5G.


Cast aluminum beam

Thick steel plate welding, high temperature annealing and natural aging eliminate the welding stress, no deformation for long-term use, low vibration, and high cutting accuracy. Rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing ensure high accuracy of guide rail.


The third-generation CW fiber laser source

Adopt water cooling and modular design, highly-integrated system, free of maintenance, high reliability, high energy density, high beam quality and longer service life, maintenance-free operation for laser cutting.


Technical Parameter

H SeriesRTC3015HRTC4015HRTC4020HRTC6015HRTC6020H
Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm
Repeat Positioning±0.02mm
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Max Acceleration1G
Operating Speed100M/MIN
Laser SourceIPG/Raycus/MAX

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Video

Cutting Samples

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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